Strap yourselves in and hold on tight! The funniest, silliest and most outrageous show in Malta is back! And it is bigger, better and more hilarious than ever!

"I’ve never, ever seen anything so disgusting, vulgar and puerile in my life. But you know what? It’s revoltingly good. If you love your humour in your face and politically incorrect buy a ticket now. You’ll end up banging on the seats for more" – Victor Calleja

This year’s adult panto - Snow White (and the 7…) is the greatest night of satire, chaos and un-pc laughs you’ll have in 2022! And because Covid has kept us away for so long, we have got three years of gags to get through! Nobody is safe in this 100mph, frantic, frenzied and feverish night of fun that will leave you screaming with laughter. (Or horror. It depends on your disposition!)

Written, directed by and featuring Steve Hili (fresh from appearing at the Comedy Store in Sydney) and starring the brilliant Naomi Knight, Francesca Scerri, Joe Depasquale, Rambert Attard, burlesque queen Undine Le Verve, tiktok phenomenon James Ryder, and local comedy legend Malcolm Galea as our out-of-control dame, it is going to be mayhem!


What is Steve Hili’s Adult Panto in Summer?

Steve Hili’s Adult Panto is the opposite to all the traditional ones that we know and love. It is naughty instead of nice, it is for grown-ups instead of kids, and it is in summer because... we cannot wait till Christmas!

If you love the Christmas panto, you really cannot miss this show. If you hate the Christmas panto, you really cannot miss this show!

Now in it’s 6 th edition, the show has gained a cult following with it’s no-holds-barred humour and stinging satire. It is a silly look at sex, politics and everything in between! And it is not for the feint- hearted!

The Cast

  • Team Member

    Naomi Knight

    Snow White

  • Team Member

    Malcolm Galea

    The Dame

  • Team Member

    James Ryder

    The 7 Floaters

  • Team Member

    Rambert Attard

    Magic Mirror

  • Team Member

    Joe Depasquale


  • Steve Hili


  • Team Member

    Undine Le Verve

    The Magical Fairy

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Snow White: Steve Hili's Adult Panto

At St James Cavalier, Valletta
1,2,3 July

Tickets from Only €10 available by clicking here.

Pjazza Kastilja Pope Pius V Street Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1030 Malta
Call  2122 3200